When combining the aesthetics of two different brands, maintaining their individual creative approaches is essential and must be done in a way that compliments both brand's uniquely crafted identity.
Disney entertains the world by breathing magic and fun into everything they touch;  Blueland creates products that clean your hands and the world by eliminating the need for single use plastics. 
Our team was tasked by these two companies to create a series of creative vignettes that highlighted this exciting collaboration while speaking both brand's languages: Fun, Magical, Clean, and Bright.
Each bottle was branded with it's own iconic character, which meant that each vignette needed to bring that character's personality to life, while still feeling cohesive with the overall collaboration.
The next challenge was to show the Blueland customer process from start to finish.
The bottle fills with water, the tablet dissolves, and fresh billowy foam is pumped from the top. Each one of these steps had been carefully engineered in real life to achieve a certain experience and the simulations needed to match that specific feel and performance.
Lastly, we aimed to create a world where all the bottles could live together. Something that felt cohesive with the individual vignettes, but unique in its own right. 
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